Prayer Concerns and Praises
  • First of all, we are in need of your commitment to prayer. All that we have to this point is as a result of prayer. In fact, this ministry rests on that foundation, because it is through prayer, with our hearts directed upwards that our provision comes.
  • It is our prayer that we would find individuals or an individual with property in the Bonita Springs, Naples area who would be interested in partnering with us so that we can continue our ministry during the winter months.
  • I recognize that this project will require divine wisdom and guidance to come to fruition. It is my belief to accomplish this goal all hearts of those involved will need to be plowed with praise and fertile with prayer.
  • We have been praying for Churches to come alongside to support us through prayer.
  • We have been praying for a volunteer office manager.
  • Praise - We have received four horses suitable for Equine Assisted Learning and working with children for dynamic Sunday school classes, Vacation Bible Schools and local fairs.
  • Praise - we are thankful for the Lord's provision regarding Phase II as we have turned the side of our farm house into a respite for missionaries.
  • We have been praying for individuals to help in the following areas
    • Equestrian
    • Pastoral
    • Legal
    • Secretarial
    • Promotions
  • We have been praying that the Lord would bring into this ministry individuals with passion, with various personalities, gifts, skill sets and even the resources to be part of a dynamic ministry team. Our goal is to continue to take this vision from the heart and mind into a physical reality.

Those who believe they are being led through prayer to financially support this ministry, may do so by making a tax deductible contribution to The Spiritual Fruit Farm Ministry Inc., 541 Sickmans Mill Rd, Conestoga Pa 17516

Thankfulness is the soil in which joy thrives!


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